First Run infused with White Sage (Cleanse and Purify)

The properties of white sage

What is white sage?

White sage is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world of natural healing. It belongs to the family of the Lamiaceae and in many cultures, it has been considered sacred for hundreds of years thanks to its many properties. It grows mainly in Mexico and the south-west of the United States, in California.

The tradition of white sage

The tradition of white sage, due to its sanctity, has been used for years by cultures such as the Native American, who used it to purify the environment or to treat illnesses such as the flu. It is also a common spice used in the kitchen. For being so beneficial, its use has spread to other cultures and civilizations. Today, this plant is used all over the world, from East to West.

The properties of white sage

White sage has many beneficial properties for the body and mind.

    1. Physical healing and protection.

      White sage has antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities that keep bacteria, viruses and infectious fungi at bay.

    2. Environment purifier.

      When burned, it releases negative ions and helps neutralize positive ions, i.e. allergens such as pet dander, pollution, dust and mold.
      This characteristic is said to improve the quality of the air and consequently, to soften afflictions like asthma or allergies. Don’t forget to ventilate the room before entering in order not to inhale smoke.

    3. Spiritual and healing tool.

      For healers and laypeople, burning sage has been used to resolve spiritual issues, to cleanse the aura or to release negative energy. Certain types of white sage contain thujone, a psychoactive component found in many plants that helps improve your mood and state of mind. A 2014 study specifically claims that Artemisia ludoviciana had been a traditional remedy for treating depression, anxiety or mood disorders in many cultures.

    4. Reduction of stress level.

        Another of the many properties of white sage is that it 
 can reduce stress.  
      The leaves are rich in compounds that activate specific areas in the brain responsible for raising mood, reducing stress or relieving pain.
      1. It helps you sleep better.

      2. Studies claim that thanks to its cleansing properties, in the reduction of stress and the resolution of spiritual dilemmas, it can help improve the quality of sleep by reducing insomnia; since
 such concerns often affect us when it comes to sleep.

How is the ritual carried out?

The white sage smudging ritual is simple and can be easily performed if you have the necessary tools and knowledge. The ceremony can be more elaborate if you wish; it all depends on the time you have and the reason why you are doing it.

Materials you need: The California white sage bundle is a very good option to initiate you into this ritual.

  • A ceramic, clay, or glass bowl to hold the bunch of sage during the burning process and house the ashes it gives off. The important thing is that it is heat resistant and safe. 

Steps to follow:

  • Free yourself from any worry before starting the ritual. Your mind has to be clear and relaxed so that problems do not interfere with the ceremony.
  • Express the purpose for which you wish to use it. You can think of one of the many properties of the white sage: to cleanse the aura; to protect yourself from bad influences; to release negativity; to purify..